WORKSMAN Personal Activity Vehicle (PAV)
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▪ Worksman Quality steel frame 

▪ Front Drum Hand Brake

▪ Rear Gear Options: 3-Speed Coaster (back pedal) Brake, 1-Speed Coaster, 1-Speed Freewheel 

▪ 24" x 2.125" Rear & 20" x 2.125"Front Steel Wheels

▪ Fully adjustable, padded, high-back seat with Fold Down Arm Rests

 ▪ Semi-recumbent design

▪ Includes: Front & Rear Fenders, Chain Guard and Rear Wire Basket

▪ Optional Upgrades: Canopy Top, Mirrors, Seat Belt 

 Please note this is a Special Order Cycle. Delivery is 6-8 weeks from time of confirmed order. 

Standard Colour: Red, other colour options available. Contact your dealer.


 Width  33"
 Weight   90 pounds
 Max. Rider & Cargo  500 pounds
 Required Inseam  19"

- 24" rear and 20" front wheels
- Semi-recumbent design
- Padded high back seat with fold down arm rest
- Rear basket Rear fenders 
- Canopy Top can be added as an extra option

This unique cycle is designed as a semi-recumbent vehicle with an adjustable thickly high-back padded captains seat. The PAV is amazingly stable as the rider’s due to clever weight distribution. Riders have described it as an "easy chair on wheels". Don’t let the sleek looks fool you…this tricycle is built totally "Worksman Tough". The Frame features a sliding seat track, making the seat easy to adjust with no tools required. The rims are 50% thicker than bicycle rims and the spokes are thicker too. The rear axle is 7/8" steel and machined for the strongest drive hub and axle ever made. The front wheel has an integrated motorcycle style drum brake with a locking parking hand brake lever. The handlebar is actually more like a tiller, so steering is very responsive and actually easy to perform with one hand. The rear basket is ideal for carrying your personal belongings. 


WORKSMAN Personal Activity Vehicle (PAV)