JETBLACK R.I.P Lock-on Grip
  • Specs

29_jetblacklogo.png R.I.P (Ride In Peace) Lock On Grip

Large JB pattern on the grip. Tacky rubber compound.

Coloured alloy lock-ring on one side of grip, with closed end.

Extra long 145mm (with lock-ring) increased hand positions.

Part #:  JBGP-12-BK    Blue + Black Lock-On

Part #:  JBGP-12-GNK    Green + Black Lock-On

Part #:  JBGP-12-K     Black + Black Lock-On

Part #:  JBGP-12-KR    Black + Red Lock-On

Part #:  JBGP-12-RK    Red + Black Lock-On

Part #:  JBGP-12-YK    Yellow + Black Lock-On


JETBLACK R.I.P Lock-on Grip